Olive-1 F-1021

Amethyst F-186

Lime F-103

Flame F-123

Azure F-169

Acorn F-128

Dago orange F-181

Dolphin F-161

Purple F-210

Salmon F-145

Mink F-122

Sangria F-148

Dago green F-180

Greysto F-333

Festival Lavender F-330

Caramel F-132


Azure SD-169

Lemon SD-151

Blush SD-212

Lime SD-103

Beige SD-306

Spearmint SD-102

Magneta SD-156

Grey SD-310


Natural Fawn NE-802

Cream Red NE-812

Cream Fawn NE-804

Beige Marble NE-807

Beige Brown NE-810

Wine Blue NE-822

Black NE-823

R Red NE-84

Standard finishes offered by SOS


Finishes are displayed for reference purpose only and will vary by monitor and printer from the actual finish material colour. Please refer to a physical sample/ swatch form true colour and detail.

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